Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i figured it out... i think

so, i had problems being able to use my old blog as my new blog.  i couldn't just transfer my blog buddies (aka followers in google friend connect).   i hated the thought of losing touch with my blog friends.

i've figured it out...i think.
so, tonight between around 1:00 am and 2:00 am, my previous posts from here will post on my new blog, which is actually my old blog.  all of the sweet comments won't transfer, but that's long as the people behind them do.  :)
some of you are still following me on the other blog from before this crazy mix up.

it's confusing, and i'm pretty sure i won't have to make any more changes until after tonight.

i've had to rename this blog ""

my new/old blog is now ""

hopefully this will automatically redirect you, but if you're reading this, odds are it didn't.

please go to and find me there.

whew!  i hope that made some sort of sense!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

fernando's journal..."it's not a muzzle!" edition

hello friends,

so, apparently being super stealth and eating random things i find on the ground before my mama and daddy can get their big ol' hands in there to remove my random findings is not a good thing.  hmph!
depends on who you ask.  i wound up having to use this thing again:

they put the halti on me, and then they expect me to pose for a photo at our favorite coffee hangout?  are they kidding??

i mean, if they were this low to the ground they'd be distracted by all the wonderful smells, too! and what if, on occasion, the wonderful smells lead me to lose focus and maybe sometimes step into the street. oncoming traffic will stop for a cute guy like me, right?

well, at least i can still drink water and give kisses and accept treats that are offered to me with this thing on.



Friday, October 5, 2012

ilife (via my iphone)

october in los angeles thus far has meant 90 + degree weather.
it has meant that when most people have started adding beautiful auburn tones to their hair, you've decided to go "winter white"....bright and sunny.
it has meant that it's been almost too hot to move, so you've opted to sit still and read...
except when you've taken walks with your fernando, iced coffee in hand.
aaaah, climate change.  not a fan.

here's hoping for a break in the heat this weekend!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

hello october, goodbye microwave oven

i think that the words "fast" and "food" should never be uttered in the same breath.  so, why would i have something in my kitchen that lends itself to that very thing?

and now you may take a more prominent place in the kitchen, juicer and food processor.

hello october.  here's to your health.

Friday, September 28, 2012

mid century modern illustration

i love the fun (and sometimes wacky) style that is mid century modern illustration.  the bold splashes of color, the clean lines, the funky and defined shapes.  i "retired" my mid century modern line of prints from my shop earlier this year, but to tell you the truth, my shop has been missing that quirkiness ever since.  so, they're baaaack!  and balance has been restored.  :)

p.s.  there are prints in this line for kids, too!

p.s.s.  hooray for friday!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ilife (via my iphone)



random iphone snaps of our big sur vacation for my birthday, which include:  the cabin where we stayed (casa pequeño) and its beautiful outdoor tub, the henry miller library, the carmel mission (which houses the oldest library in california), carmel beach (dog friendly!),  and scrabble (there was no television, which was so wonderful!)
also included are: etsy packaging...the shop is re-opened after summer break!  my nephew and me, wearing cool glasses at my sister in law's birthday party.  he looks like a younger, cuter elton john in those glasses.  i told him that.  he hasn't the foggiest who elton john is, but he laughed anyway.

*on the henry miller library...  the building actually belonged to a friend of henry miller's.  miller lived nearby.  notice the quote on the sign at the entrance to the property, "it was here in big sur i first learned to say amen!"  -henry miller.  big sur is that kind of place.  i have tried time and again to connect with miller's work, especially tropic of cancer, since it is a "classic".  beg to differ.  there is a difference between a "classic" work, and an "important" work.  it was definitely important because of what it was and (in relation to) the time in which it was written.  it was pivotal, even.  but a classic?  many will argue with me, but no.  i don't think so.  i was surprised to learn that miller settled in big sur.  but then i read that miller spent much of his time in big sur painting.  and moreover, there is this quote.  this beautiful quote.  i do feel that big sur is a place where people go when they are ready to put the bulls**t aside.  i like to imagine that that is exactly what miller was doing there.  okay, rant over.

Monday, September 24, 2012

magazine storage - diy

part 1.  we are overflowing with issues of the new yorker over at our apartment.  we love them, and can't bear to part with them until they are all read.  (good luck with that, right?)

part 2.  i don't get attached to objects the way many people do.  however, there are a handful of exceptions.  one being my dad's briefcase.  it is an old monogrammed samsonite, and he loved it. it's been tucked away in a corner waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used.

part 3.  this post and this post on my friend, sana's blog:  she's a stylist and she runs a vintage supplier and decor shop, and she is inspiring!

the result:

the most recent issues are displayed.  issues will be moved to the
inside of the case as new issues arrive.

the goal is to add vintage suitcases underneath
my dad's briefcase for added back issue storage.

the best dad's initials.

it makes me so happy to see my dad's beloved briefcase every day.  so many happy memories.
thanks for the idea, sana!!