Monday, October 1, 2012

hello october, goodbye microwave oven

i think that the words "fast" and "food" should never be uttered in the same breath.  so, why would i have something in my kitchen that lends itself to that very thing?

and now you may take a more prominent place in the kitchen, juicer and food processor.

hello october.  here's to your health.


  1. It looks like you totally have the right idea to me. I've been considering giving up my microwave...except that I feel like reheating the food I make would take way longer without it. Ugh. Tough decision. You'll have to let me know how it goes.

  2. I should get on the same track as you! I tend to pack on the weight this time of year.

  3. What a great autumn resolution! I don't have a microwave where I live right now and I'm not keen on getting one, but I'd really love having a juice machine around. Here's to a healthier autumn! :)
    ps. - Good luck with your Spanish! :)

  4. I've been wanting a juicer for ever! May break down and get one. Our apt came with a microwave but we don't personally have one. Try not to use it. The truth is I've never had anything better because it was microwaved!

  5. Great idea wish I could throw out my microwave. But my hubby might not like that to much.

  6. oof. maybe i should do this.

    i have been using a cast iron skillet lately, so that counts for something! it is supposed to be better (less bad) than using non-stick pans. so far, so good! ;)

  7. you're so rad. this is the best idea i've heard all day.


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