Tuesday, October 9, 2012

fernando's journal..."it's not a muzzle!" edition

hello friends,

so, apparently being super stealth and eating random things i find on the ground before my mama and daddy can get their big ol' hands in there to remove my random findings is not a good thing.  hmph!
depends on who you ask.  i wound up having to use this thing again:

they put the halti on me, and then they expect me to pose for a photo at our favorite coffee hangout?  are they kidding??

i mean, if they were this low to the ground they'd be distracted by all the wonderful smells, too! and what if, on occasion, the wonderful smells lead me to lose focus and maybe sometimes step into the street. oncoming traffic will stop for a cute guy like me, right?

well, at least i can still drink water and give kisses and accept treats that are offered to me with this thing on.




  1. Oh no Fernando! At least you're super cute =-)

  2. Poor Fernando! Parker would totally agree with your rant, but I have to side with Mama Jo on this one ;o)

  3. ha ha. poor little guy!

  4. I love Fernando's journal! The Halti isn't so bad - doesn't prevent him from people watching at the oaks :)


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