Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i figured it out... i think

so, i had problems being able to use my old blog as my new blog.  i couldn't just transfer my blog buddies (aka followers in google friend connect).   i hated the thought of losing touch with my blog friends.

i've figured it out...i think.
so, tonight between around 1:00 am and 2:00 am, my previous posts from here will post on my new blog, which is actually my old blog.  all of the sweet comments won't transfer, but that's long as the people behind them do.  :)
some of you are still following me on the other blog from before this crazy mix up.

it's confusing, and i'm pretty sure i won't have to make any more changes until after tonight.

i've had to rename this blog ""

my new/old blog is now ""

hopefully this will automatically redirect you, but if you're reading this, odds are it didn't.

please go to and find me there.

whew!  i hope that made some sort of sense!

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