Monday, September 24, 2012

magazine storage - diy

part 1.  we are overflowing with issues of the new yorker over at our apartment.  we love them, and can't bear to part with them until they are all read.  (good luck with that, right?)

part 2.  i don't get attached to objects the way many people do.  however, there are a handful of exceptions.  one being my dad's briefcase.  it is an old monogrammed samsonite, and he loved it. it's been tucked away in a corner waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used.

part 3.  this post and this post on my friend, sana's blog:  she's a stylist and she runs a vintage supplier and decor shop, and she is inspiring!

the result:

the most recent issues are displayed.  issues will be moved to the
inside of the case as new issues arrive.

the goal is to add vintage suitcases underneath
my dad's briefcase for added back issue storage.

the best dad's initials.

it makes me so happy to see my dad's beloved briefcase every day.  so many happy memories.
thanks for the idea, sana!!


  1. I've also been wanting to make a little table out of suitcases! All the ones I've found are super expensive though (not cool), I think I need to hit up some garage sales or something...

  2. @jo yay for awesomeness! It's so official. so fun to see each persons spin on the project. @Ashley try flea markets!

  3. i love DIY projects! i'm not very good at them but sometimes i knock one out of the park :) a few months ago, i dug out my dad's old nuts 'n bolts organizer and converted it to a jewelry organizer! best thing i've ever done because it's a bunch of mini stacked drawers with see-through drawers so i can see inside instead of having to open each drawer to find whatever it is i'm looking for.

  4. I loved that post from Sana -- and I adore what you've done with that inspiration!! This suitcase magazine holder is just a brilliant idea!!

  5. thank you! :) sana's ideas are so inspiring!


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