Thursday, September 20, 2012

fernando's journal...big sur edition

hello.  my name is fernando.  two years ago i was found on the san fernando freeway, hence the name fernando.  clever, no?  i was about a year old when my mama and daddy "rescued" me.  (if you ask me, i'm the one who rescued them.  boy, did they need me!)

luckily, they like to hike and explore.  i have some extra energy to burn.

mama says i can share some of my adventures here on her blog.  so, here goes:

we just got back from a long weekend in big sur.  dad and i took mama there for her birthday.
it was tough for us to find "dog friendly" trails.  apparently, dogs are considered predators.  i ask you, do i look like a predator?  hmmm...yeah, i guess i get it.  regardless, i do have a couple of new favorite trails now.

the one less traveled.  mill creek hike:

a more popular hike.  the pine ridge trail:

this sign cracked us up.  it was at the entrance to the area behind the river inn....

...which is where we unwound after our hikes.  dogs aren't allowed on the patio, but you can order drinks and food and sit out back along the river.  personally, i think that is even better than a patio!

oh, and i went to the beach for the first time!  and i loooooved it!!  this photo was taken in carmel, which is just north of big sur.  the beach is off leash!  no humans attached!  woohooooooo!!

well, that sums up my trip.  mama saw a bunch of other stuff that she liked.  she'll probably write about that soon.

until next time....


  1. Really enjoyed your adventure Fernando...glad you had a good time with your Momma and Daddy..I love the beach too..Thanks for sharing..LOL

    Your friend

    1. fernando says, "woof!"
      translation, "thanks for checking out my post!"
      yep, all that in one bark. ;)

  2. FERNANDO IS SO FREAKING CUTE! and i am glad he had such a great time. i bet you all did! how can you go wrong with fab hiking and a beautiful beach! :)

    1. awww, thank you! i'm a teeny bit bonkers for that dog! :)

  3. Can't wait to meet him. Maybe at the secret dig park! :)


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